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Interview: Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs is the archetype for slow-burn success. It’s been ten years since the Indiana-born rapper released his debut mixtape ‘Full Metal Jacket’, and since then he’s been relentless, furnishing his fans with regular mixtapes and EPs.  Moving from Indiana to Los Angeles, Gibbs continued to put out vast quantities



Pop Girls Takeover Interview: Syron

Kicking off our week-long celebration of the latest brood of rising girl popstars, today we’re bringing you the full transcript of our Notion 065 interview with London garage vixen, Syron. First coming to our attention via addictive-as-buggery singles ‘Here‘ and ‘Breaking‘, she’s a real strong



Moodboard: Pale

Hot on the heels of their latest single, ‘Fearing Faces’, dropping last month on 37 Adventures, much-hyped London duo Pale agreed to take us on a walking tour through the genetic make-up of their swoonsome electro-pop. From beautiful German films (The Lives of Others) to beautiful Italian



Mixtape: Misha B – Why Hello World

Yep, that’s right, X Factor alumnus and all-round fierce lady Misha B unleashed her new mixtape onto the internet just a couple of hours ago. Called ‘Why Hello World’, it commences with Ms B singing the title lyrics and teasing us with a minute’s preview of one of her original …