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Track Premiere: Nerina Pallot – ‘No Harm Done’

For 2014, Nerina Pallot has set herself a bit of a challenge. Not wanting to follow the same release patterns, in addition to pushing herself creatively, Nerina has decided to release an EP each month for the whole of 2014. This, to me, seems like a bit of a daunting …


Ang Low 1

Track Premiere: Ang Low ‘Voodoo Woman’

Brooklyn-based Ang Low has an ability to create truly original music, with emphatic electronics somehow complimenting an R&B sensibility. His buzz tracks, ‘Life Goes Down’ and ‘Can’t Describe Her’, have already created buzz around the blogosphere, his musical influences broad yet cohesive.“I want something that speaks to my soul”, …



Introducing: Charlotte OC

The end of November sees the release of Charlotte OC’s EP Colour My Heart, a four-track offering from the Blackburn-born songstress recorded in LA with Solange and Sia producer, Tim Anderson. While influenced by everything from Alicia Keys to Talking Heads to Lou Reed, it was the city of



Toddla T / Roses Gabor track powered by social media

Created as part of the Bacardi Beginnings series on pushing the boundaries of the way music is released, Pandora’s Box’s unveiling is wholly dependent on social media if it is to be ever heard. Last month Rudimental and Bipolar Sunshine wrote, recorded and released a song in just 24 hours for Bacardi Beginnings.



Introducing: The Preatures

Austrailia’s best export this year seems destined to be The Preatures as everyone is falling in love with their debut EP’s lead track ’Is This How You Feel?’

The Preatures have created a gorgeous and foolproof track that gives us goosebump-led recollections of bands as diverse as The Pretenders, Squeeze …



What Happened To…Pete Doherty

Guys! Pete Doherty is back! And while it may not be The Libertines reunion we have all been longing for, the mere trickling of Pete’s strained vocals from the Babyshambles camp is enough to send a rush of blood to my head. I’m not talking about a rock-star-come-drug-addict intoxication, this …



New Track: Letters to Fiesta – Tears Apart

Letters to Fiesta have silently crept up and made us jump out of our skin with their introducing track ‘Tears Apart’, which is a little beauty.

‘Tears Apart’ takes us back to a pure and altogether more authentic period in pop music. By taking the fun-loving and infectious heart …



New video: Oliver Wilde – Pinch

Lifted from his universally loved debut album A Brief Introduction, Oliver Wilde’s Pinch has been given an amazing new video.

Created by animator Lauren Orme, the video compliments the solemn and pensive Pinch perfectly. Wilde’s dreamy and brain fogged composition is as equally piercing as it is unreachable, winding …



New track: Poliça – Chain My Name

To make the wait for their new album even more unbearable, Poliça have released Chain My Name.

A gorgeous track that is as instantly gratifying as it is deep, Chain My Name sees Channy Leaneagh’s vocals float above a bed of understated synth and battering percussion. We can’t get …



New Track: Let’s Buy Happiness – Run

Let’s Buy Happiness, one of the most meticulous and fastidious new acts around, have released their gorgeous new track Run.

Ruminating and brooding, Run is a glimpse into Let’s Buy Happiness’ desperately awaited debut album Chants For Friends. The Newcastle quintet have slowly perfected their sound and artistic …