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Angel Haze Week: Cover Shoot – Behind the Scenes

To celebrate the Angel Haze issue of Notion Magazine, we’re hosting a special Angel Haze Week to delve deeper into the mind of the Voice for the Voiceless. You know, just because we’re nice like that. First up, we have an exclusive behind the scenes video from our cover shoot, …



Transmitting Live @ 5

Transmitter have been busy making moves as one of the best YouTube channels for British music in recent times. Now, they are excited to announce a weekly, live-streaming, appointment to view formats this week.

From 5pm on February 3rd, every Monday will see Live @ 5 brought to the fans …



Video Premiere: White Lies – ‘Ride’ (Lana Del Rey Cover)

London trio White Lies have provided a live touch to Lana Del Rey’s ‘Ride’; taking to a synth, bass and glockenspiel to audibly translate Lana’s tribute to discovering true liberation on the open road. Where the original saw the true queen of tumblr delving into her sultry vocal palette,