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Ciate tweet collection

BEAUTIFY: Brocade Parade

For any readers old enough to remember the trashy 90′s fashion that putting halter necks, boob tubes and buffalo boots firmly on that map, I’m sure you are all far too familiar already with the glittery sparkly varnishes in rainbow colours that adorned our nails.

Well the trend is back …



BEAUTIFY: Hey there, Brown Eyes

No, it’s not a come on- it’s a trend. Promise. Although, since I’ve been sporting it, it seems to be me chatting up my eyeshadow in the mornings, with the promise of a full day of fun ahead. I’ve never been an ‘eyeshadow’ person, and even typing it now feels …



Favourite Forties

The stylish Laura Peebles is back! This time with some help for those struggling with what look to go for this autumn.

High glamour, perfect pouts and appropriate hemlines. It could only be the Forties. An era which has been enjoying something of a revival of late. And this is …



Sequins, with Everything

That sequins are a direct contributor to cases of over-excitement is a well know fact. And in this case, there is no exception. Left utterly powerless to make a choice between this week’s finds, over-excitement forced me to throw caution to the wind and just do it: feature two key …