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In Focus: Chanel and the Society of the Spectacle

You may have spotted from breathless Instagram posts yesterday, Chanel’s catwalk show was – inevitably – the talk of #PFW. There’s been much debate amongst the fashion press and attendees about whether this was a hilarious comment on the nature of fast-fashion, or merely the death of the catwalk.

First, …



LFW SS14 Preview: 5 trends we’d like to keep – and forget

Amidst the roller coaster of fashion seasons, which now almost blur into one long never-ending conveyor belt of newness, the concept of ‘in season trends’ has in many ways been dissolved. Strict fashion rules that dictate what you can and cannot wear in any given season no longer exist –


Trending: the midi skirt

Chance meetings in fashion crop up all the time, but when we ran into the lovely Lorna Weightman of StyleIsle a couple of months ago in a PR’s waiting room, we got chatting and well things went from there. After a few months of discussion, we’ve brought her sage words



BOTW Video: LCMDF – Paranoia

Our BOTW, LCMDF, have just released their new video for ‘Paranoia’. As well as the track being a flipping awesome modern guitar pop anthem (you’ll be singing “PARANOIA! Give me a break!” by the second verse, guaranteed), we’ve found that the video itself includes some super modern and current #trends. …



Spotted at PFW: Reflective Sunglasses

It seems that just wearing sunglasses to show how famous you are is no longer cutting it- your sunglasses need to be reflective too. The whole world is reflected in your lenses (mainly so that in each street style photograph, everyone can see just how many photographers are taking your …



A Closer Look at: AW12 Essentials From Fly53

If like us, you’re casting around for some threads now that the weather has turned, but aren’t endowed with the wealth of a small Arabian state to fund that then we have a suggestion for you: Fly53. The lovely folks over at the British streetwear brand have their finger firmly …



LFW SS13: Zoe Jordan

Zoe Jordan’s SS13 collection packed a lot of different influences in, but failed to make an impact. It;s tough to write those words for a collection that was seemingly so universally loved, but for us, Zoe’s collection showed some pointers to design excellence but didn’t set our hearts on fire. …



LFW Blogger Interview: Dan Hasby-Oliver

Today’s blogger interview is with Last Style Of Defence writer, Dan Hasby-Oliver. Dan is a menswear writer, specialising in trend analysis. So basically, if he says something is shit hot, jump on it like a fat lass in a chippy. Here are Dan’s predictions for LFW…



What are


Replay redo

Replay’s New Laserblast Collection

Just when you thought the ‘Go Green’ revolution has hit its peak, the denim industry has taken it one step further. That’s right, the fad of eco-friendly, organic food is old news. The time has finally come embrace ‘greenie’ fashion with Replay’s new Laserblast collection.

While usually using a sandblasting …



Word Up! on a new brand ‘BSKA’

Experiencing exponential popularity growth, owning a solid and sound reputation and endlessly ‘giving’ to us fashion conscious cultured citizens of the public, BSKA is an up and coming, independent brand, clothing label and artwork producer.

The founder and creator Sam Bentley himself, started this as a way of life and …