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Tirzah Press shot

BOTW Moodboard: Tirzah

London artist Tirzah lets us in on her (mostly) musical winners in this week’s BOTW Moodboard. Eclectic to say the least, we veer from old-time crooners to obscure post-disco, via an influential stand-up comic, a dancehall singjay, Elvis Presley and a bandcamp newcomer. There’s truly something for everyone.

‘Tenor Saw …



News: Melt! Festival Lineup

Summertime means many thing, but if you’ re in the music biz, it just means festival season. With the nice weather comes an endless stream of live music, parties, entertainment, and poor life decisions. It’s a great time of year. The months immediately preceding summer (i.e. right now) mean lineup …



Interview: Gabriella Cilmi

With her new single ‘Sweeter in History‘ and a forthcoming third album both on the way, it’s all change for Aussie starlet Gabriella Cilmi. Alex Cull caught up with her for a chat about pursuing her ideal style, carving out a niche all of her own, and



BOTW Interview: Breton

Our Band Of The Week, Breton, tell us why the internet has made music videos more of a necessity, and profess their love for Walter Murch, as well as explaining the aspects behind their surrealist sonic creations.

Why should people listen to your music above that of any other