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New Track: Gold Panda – ‘Brazil’

2010 saw the release of Gold Panda‘s lauded debut LP Lucky Shiner. Despite the album’s success–winning the Guardian First Album Award and getting nominated for the Mercury Prize–it’s been three years since he produced any new material. March saw the release of an EP, Trust, and while …



Issue 61 Extended Interview: Feathers

Slick, eerie, electro-pop that doesn’t have its feet firmly planted in the northern hemisphere?! Yep, sounded like a myth to us too before we stumbled upon Anastasia Dimou’s Austin based creation Feathers. Having up-rooted from New York to the sweltering Texas deserts last year before capturing the ever lasting adoration



Video: Trust – Bulbform

Fancy some muddy disorientated noises that pulsate through the air? Check out the sound of Toronto based duo Trust. Formed in 2009, Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski (who also drums for Austra) will be releasing their LP in February. Trust have a seriously impressive sound and are compared to the …