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In Focus: Brit Rhythm Rules!

It’s easy to forget as residents of this sceptre isle, that we make or are the origin of practically all brilliant music. Britain sets the trends, has the infrastructure to birth and nurture young, exciting talent and the network of enthusiasts to support new bands. And what’s more, we’re pretty …



News: A. Sauvage AW13 & Photo Shoot

Sauvage or Suavage? One is the successful, uber-fashionable clothing brand; the other is a word I made up for the sake of beginning the article with a pun. London designer Adrien Sauvage has just hit us double with a preview of his upcoming Autumn/Winter 2013 collection and a special photo …



News: I Bought This for the Cover

Camden Town is, in many ways, London’s capital for artistic variety, equal parts center for expression and cesspool of debauchery. Actually, that’s really the ideal combination for most artists. Cob Studios and Gallery on Royal College Street in Camden was launched in February 2011. Though less than two and a …



RBMA H?SHTAG$ series – ‘Don’t Call It #TumblrWave’

The influence of technology on today’s music scene is not something to be ignored. Not only has the World Wide Web shaped how we listen to music, it has also changed how we discuss it, and more importantly, how we make it.

Red Bull Music Academy has proved that it …


lcmdf interview 2

BOTW Interview: LCMDF – Part Two

New Music Ed (Bronya) talked to LCMDF about Berlin, setting up their own label, the cyber world, self-help, and K-pop.

What inspires you lyrically apart from other music?
I’ve been reading a lot of self-help books and I’ve been to this life coaching experience, and Mental Health is about a …


lcmdf interview 1

BOTW Interview: LCMDF – Part One

New Music Ed (Bronya) talked to LCMDF about Berlin, setting up their own label, the cyber world, self-help, and K-pop.

You’ve lived in Berlin for four years now. What’s it like there?
There are all the different quarters that are like cities of their own. Of course, there are a …



Notion 60 Feature: HYPERREALZ – The Tumblr Generation

For Notion 60, Fashion Director ALEXIS KNOX selects the 2k12 school of super kawaii creatives in LDN refixing aesthetics for the perma-on tumblr generation, where a picture is not just worth a thousand words—it’s actually replaced them.



Click the images for …


san zhi press

BOTW Interview: San Zhi

We speak to our BOTW about how they got together, new music, Guillaume Briere, Sam Duckworth, and popcorn death.

You’re a fairly new band, and there’s not much on the internet about you, so tell us about your backgrounds in music.
We first met at a wayward music college in …



New Era release The Cube street style app

Head over to itunes today the snap up the brand new app from New Era – The Cube. It’s a street style app, it has nothing to do with the ITV game show of the same name, so bad luck girls – there won’t be pictures of mam’s favourite silver …



Label Profile: Drop Dead Clothing Co.

At 25 Oli Sykes has had a worldwide successful metalcore band and clothing line for 7 years, based in Steel City Sheffield and firmly a part of the diy internet business revolution of the broadband era Drop Dead Clothing Co. capitalised on the conditions being right and with £500 from …