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Track Premiere: Twin Shadow – ‘To The Top’

Dominican-born George Lewis Jr, aka Twin Shadow, recently moved his home studio into a cemetery in Los Angeles. A bizarre location to use as the inspirational backdrop for your music, but one that seems fitting when you listen to the first song recorded in the historic chapel, ‘Old



Pitchfork’s Paris Festival lineup gets even better

Yeah, we didn’t think it was possible either. It seems, however, that a few choice additions have actually made the Pitchfork Festival Paris lineup more incredible. New acts include the many syllabled Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Cloud Nothings, Disclosure (who have a shiny new video) and our latest BOTW, …


twin shadow - confess

Album Review: Twin Shadow – Confess

Twin Shadow, then: George Lewis, Jr’s second follows the 80s New Wave inspiration board of his first, critically acclaimed record Forget; and likewise repeats its seemingly imploring, single verb as title. In a similar manner to the progress of Beach House records, Lewis doesn’t really change his palette or …



BOTW Mini-Review and Exclusive Download

As you should know by now, Fixers are our BOTW. A short while ago, we got sent a sampler of their album, which is being released in early 2012. Their lead single released just a few months ago, ‘Majesties Ranch’, opens the album with tropical twilight samples leading into the …



BOTW Interivew: Chris Taylor of CANT

With the awful weather that recently hit the eastern coast of the United States, there was a certain fear that our New York based, BOTW interview with Chris Taylor wasn’t going to happen. Yet even with everything, Taylor found a moment to steal with us so we could hound him …



BOTW Album Review: CANT – Dreams Come True

Ever since CANT first graced my sound system I haven’t really been able to talk about anything else. It’s a beautifully complex record that uses the best of ‘80s synth pop to get your blood simmering along with moments of soul, early Beck, and Radiohead. It’s the first release from …



Album Review: Devon Williams – Euphoria

LA based Devon Williams is yet another artist aiming create music which incorporates melodies of the 60s with the heartbreaking sounds of anguish felt in the 80s. His latest record, Euphoria, tries hard to perfect this, harking back to the past with the Brian Wilson vibes felt on opening …



In Pictures: Oya Festival 2011

Here’s some snappysnaps to help you fully envisage what it was like to be at Oya. And if you were there, think of them as a gentle reminder of one of the best times of your life.

All photography by the fabulously talented and beardy Aidan O’Neill


For the …



Review: Oya Festival 2011

Ever been to Scandinavia? You’d remember from the crick in your neck. Why the crick? Well, when you are stopped in your tracks every five minutes by a jawdroppingly gorgeous Scandinavian, and you just gawp as your neck turns, you would completely understand. It’s not just the pretty people either …


field day

Field Day – The Notion Preview

If you’re in London and reading this website, you’re probably off to Field Day tomorrow. Most of us are too. Earlier in the week, we emailed all of our online writers and asked them what they were looking forward to seeing most. This is what we got back. (Please note