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Introducing: GALPALS

If you’re finding yourself growing weary of the rather formless British winter putting a serious dampener on your day-to-day life, we at PlanetNotion might just have the perfect antidote. First introduced to us courtesy of Bristol’s exemplary Howling Owl Records, Texan garage pop duo GALPALS are seriously over-qualified to …


20 king krule

Tips For 2013 Advent #13: King Krule

We first came across King Krule (namesake of Archy Marshall) last year and were totally shocked into amazement. His deep bass voice mixed with experimental sombre production, combined with the knowledge that he’s seventeen and the visual of his ghostly, skeletal frame with fiery red hair, is a stunning series …



The Muso In Manchester #6

Unbelievable reverb-soaked live videos in churches, garage pop from San Francisco, and the Bunker offering up ‘trashy, cymbal-heavy pop’, ‘psychedelic exploration of the synthesiser cosmos’ and ‘accessible, euphoric epics’. Phew.

I feel a poignant way to start this column would be with a reference to Embers’ recent live recording …