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New Track: Chloe Howl ‘Rumour’ (Unicorn Kid Remix)

We’re big fans of youngster Chloe Howl here in Notion HQ. Her pixie looks and in places incredible sophisticated lyrics are far older than her mere 18 years, and it is this maturity and composure that we really respect. This latest track is undeniably hers, but played with by another …


lcmdf interview 2

BOTW Interview: LCMDF – Part Two

New Music Ed (Bronya) talked to LCMDF about Berlin, setting up their own label, the cyber world, self-help, and K-pop.

What inspires you lyrically apart from other music?
I’ve been reading a lot of self-help books and I’ve been to this life coaching experience, and Mental Health is about a …


Dan Bodan press shot

My Moodboard: Dan Bodan

Dan Bodan is a new pop artist who writes rose-tinted electronic-instrumented songs of lost romance. We love his new loungey-paced track ‘DP’, the video to which you can watch here. To get to know Mr. Bodan a little better, we set him the task of creating one of our


Unicorn Kid 03 HI

Unicorn Kid releases new EP

Unicorn Kid returns with his first new material of 2011: a three-track, non-more-aptly-titled ‘Tidle Wave’ EP.

A new EP track will be will be made available to download free every three weeks from late-August:

Chrome Lion – 29 August
Boys Of Paradise – 19 September
True Love Fantasy (ft. Talk …