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News: Universal Works – Workshop Denim

We love it when people try to do things differently, which is why Universal Works‘ ‘Workshop Denim’ was so appealing. With denim almost exclusively about American or Japanese work, re-creating vintage looks and capturing authentic feels, Universal Works have bucked the trend. Looking to Europe as their starting point, …



Mind the Bump n’ Grind of Life with the Bumper Boot

Mind the bumps in life, with Universal Works new Bumper Boot. Bumper Boot is the first in a series of shoes based around the desert boot style. Produced by a small family company of highly skilled craftsmen in the traditional shoe making area of Porto, Northern Portugal. Bumper Boot is …



Universal Works @ LC:M 2014

When it comes to making practical English clothing Universal Works do not just break the mould; they smash the mould in, break its front teeth, toss it out the window and say godbye to boring old conventional work and casualwear. The brand, founded by David Keyte, will be making a …


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News: Glass Boutique SS13

East London purveyors of contemporary casual design, Glass Boutique, pride themselves on finding the most exciting new streetwear for their fashion-forward customers. Every season the small independent team trawls endless fashion fairs, shows and showrooms on their buying trips, handpicking only the best pieces for their shoppers. Among the …