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Cycle Chic: Okolo/Pedal + Bookman Lights

Everyone’s favourite bike light manufacturer Bookman have a keen eye on global cycle style hotspots. Recently they spotted the Pedal Project, a blog about urban bicycle culture in the Czech Republic. The blog is part of the fascinating (and warning: it can suck hours of your time, even if …



Heels on Wheels

This Autumn, Pitango Bikes is launching a female-only urban bike course that is designed to make cycling more accessible and less intimidating to women nervous about riding on London’s busy roads.

With current statistics showing that females only make up one quarter of regular cyclists in England, Pitango decided to …



News: SPIN urban cycle festival

Trendy kids on trendy bikes; it’s an East London phenomenon that seems to be growing in a big way. Even fashion houses are getting inspired by the urban biking scene, with H & M and Fred Perry recently launching cycling collections that have played a hand in changing the face …