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BEAUTIFY: Looking after dyed hair

I’ve just dyed my hair. It looks super glossy, I love the colour and I feel like the world is my oyster. Then I remember. Oh yeah- this probably won’t last long. Dang. I was so ready to take over the world.

Sound familiar? Um yuh. We know that looking …


Matahari SUN003 - MOP - SUN - FRONT

Sunday Somewhere Matahari sunglasses

The weather in the UK may be dimming down a bit now, but it is still Summer. And what does Summer mean? Sunglasses – obviously! Australian brand, Sunday Somewhere, have just released new additions to their ever popular Matahari sunglasses. They are bold, beautiful and handmade – everything you …



BEAUTIFY: Wake up to Sheer Mineral Defense

I think we can all agree on the weather this July. But can we agree on what the most essential beauty product for this month is?

Wakey, wakey guys- it’s SPF. No it’s not particularly ‘cool’ to be so cautious and wear a high SPF on your face. But yeah, …