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‘Ava Field day

London’s most endeavoring and forward-thinking festivals at Victoria Park is hosting a range of fabulous fancies this summer, exuberating heaps of energy, individualism, electronica and crowd-bopping buzz! The stage is framing acts such as Austra, Citizens, Jessie Ware, Crocodiles, Eats Everything, Kassem Mosse, Last Dinosaurs, Laurel Halo, Summer Camp, Sunless …



Isle of Wight Festival 2011 announces new beach venue

In conjunction with Boxfresh, Isle of Wight Festival 2011 has decided to celebrate its 10th birthday with the introduction of a summery beach venue. ‘Life’s a beach’ brings the seaside inland, where people will be able to relax and chill out, while also being able to attend numerous activities that …



Revenge of Popular Culture #9: Consensus

“A consensus over something as varied as music can’t be right”. (ROPC #8: link)

A shame. A total, tragic shame.

Because I wanna list. I wanna comprehensive Best and a Worst and HOT FOR 2011. Wanna know what I’m going to like over the next 12 months NOW. …