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BEAUTIFY: In the name of Love

Love must be in the air- we’re almost half way through February and whether you’re a lover or a hater; V-Day cheese will arrive this week, along with puppy-dog eyes, endless bouquets and bad rhyming.

It’s a mixed bag of feelings for me, although I have someone to ‘celebrate’ with, …



BEAUTIFY: Those Amber Bottles

Stylish architecture, vintage sinks and rows of amber bottles- that’s where I’m most happy. And as most of you will know, I’m describing an Aesop store. The amber bottles have become synonymous with the Australian brand- and actually help protect what’s inside them by keeping out sunlight.

Most recently (and …



No Date, No Problem! Veto Valentine’s in association with Rooftop Film Club

Love is in the air this week with the arrival of the eagerly anticipated/ utterly dreaded event that brings fear into the hearts of many and loathing into the minds of singles everywhere. Even if you are happily coupled up at this time of year, the prospect of the most …



14th – Valentine’s Day Mixtape

As yall know, last week 14th gave us their alternative guide to Valentine’s Day, including a lengthy list of original gifts, places to go eat, and of course they told us what they’d like to do this V-Day. Tracey and Tom put together a cracking St Val’s mixtape for you …



14th: A Guide To St Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day
Every day the 14th
I don’t think y’all heard me
I just wanna say Happy Valentine’s Day
Every day the 14th
Can y’all dig that?
-Outkast – Happy Valentine’s Day

14th are one of our favourite new bands – we love them so much that we’re …


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Countdown: V Day

As tempting as it might be to sit in tonight and be full of hate, fight it. Also fight the equally tempting idea to go out armed with a carrier bag filled with rocks and eggs and set about ‘fucking couples shit up’, as trust us, that won’t get you …