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When we think of fashion, we think of eccentric style choices and vivid sartorial self-expression. Well, if you’re a woman that is. Compared to its female counterpart, menswear is often tame in comparison. Aside from sharp tailoring and blue denim, the world of menswear is one which has been stuck


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We Heart: All-Nighters

Versace’s collaboration with NOWNESS for SS17 sees director Ian Derry radically interpret the all-nighters we’ve all been on as a powerful abstract tale of young love. Will they, won’t they? It doesn’t matter, what matters is being in the moment. A love story told through dance. Watch and love.




Shoot: What’s Golden

Photographer Ronan Gallagher understands how to capture reflection. Here is the singular Sophie Doogendrijk in a world of her own; an ideal world with no external commitments of any kind:

jacket: vintage Moschino (from Tick Tock Vintage); body suit: Stylist’s own

top: Stylist’s own

top: vintage Versace (




It’s nearly Christmas y’all. You probably haven’t noticed since no one has been publishing their weekend tree activities on any social media. Not a soul. You also won’t have noticed that if you want to go to Oxford Circus at the moment, it’s probably a good idea to take a …



M.I.A. Launches Capsule Collection for Versus Versace

Yes, that’s right! The controversial (and Grammy-award winning) M.I.A. has released a capsule collection for Versus Versace, combining that ‘Bad Girls’ attitude with one of the world’s leading fashion brands.

The 19-piece collection features kaleidoscopic prints inspired by the bootleg Versace merchandise founded in London as a teenager. Versions of …



LFW: 10 people we DON’T want to see

(featured image: Stefania Yarhi)

The irony of London Fashion Week is that whilst being witness to the most cutting edge fashion in the world, which will soon come to define what the aesthetics of the future will look like, you are also faced with extreme ugliness – a vile



BEAUTIFY: Aqua Vitae

When you get talked through a new perfume by the creator, and when that same person has created some of the most iconic scents for Acqua di Parma, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Kenzo and Versace- you better well listen up. Not that there’s any chance of you falling of the …


Lorna wearing karen millen 2

Trending: Grunge

Did you go through a grunge phase? I did, when I was about fourteen and I’m quite happy that there is no photographic evidence of this. I dyed my hair (and the entire bathroom) pink, I wore 16-hole Dr. Martens and I was a barrel of laughs. Or not. As


Vintage: Pristine pieces including Versace and Moschino

When PlanetNotion came across the gorgeous vintage pieces available at Nines Vintage we all did a little collective faint. With patterns that are absolutely not available in the high-street, we need some of these items more than we need to breathe.

Offering items for men and women, Nines Vintage have …



Versace Launch Underwear and Beachwear for 2013

Versace is pleased to unveil the all new Versace spring/summer 2013 underwear and beachwear collections for men and women. With the collection being described by Donatella herself as ‘designed for women and men who want to look and feel bold and sexy’ you’ll definitely want to unveil yourself wearing these …