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Neo Waltz Ball @ Hoxton Hall

If you are new to Neo Waltz Ball, then you are in for a treat. I wish I could quite explain what sort of treat that is, but I’m not sure I can. “Let’s dance like it’s 1799″ seems to be part of the publicity, and the evening includes a …



THIS WEEKEND: Adamski + Viktoria Modesta at Chats Palace

While there’s always plenty to be said about regressive and retro-centric trends in pop culture, UK house producer Adamski is giving the concept new meaning with his recently-forged desire to reintroduce the waltz to the dance scene.

Dubbed ‘neo-waltz’, Adamski will be performing a set of his new material with …


Single banner May 2012

New Music- The gorgeous Viktoria Modesta

PlanetNotion have THE first exclusive viewing of a brand-spanking new female music artist, to tickle those eardrums and stimulate those eyeballs of yours! We were the first to be given her profile and debut video release, so check it out here first!

Viktoria Modesta’s debut single ‘Only you’, is out …