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BOTW Guest List: Until the Ribbon Breaks’ Top 10 Influential Movies

Earlier this week we told you how for all the compositional brilliance present in Brooklyn-via-Wales producer Until the Ribbon Breaks‘ latest EP, A Taste of Silver, what truly sets the elusive beatmaker – real name: Peter Lawrie Winfield – apart is a sense of drama and narrative very



Video: Lola’s Bad – Kissing the Night

Evangelia Christakou is a Greek national based in London whose debut single ‘Drown with Me’ was the first we’d heard from the eclectic Lola’s Bad. The new video, featured below, contains the same intense focus on marrying the lyrics with the visual but in an all together less psychedelic …


san zhi press

BOTW Interview: San Zhi

We speak to our BOTW about how they got together, new music, Guillaume Briere, Sam Duckworth, and popcorn death.

You’re a fairly new band, and there’s not much on the internet about you, so tell us about your backgrounds in music.
We first met at a wayward music college in …



Elro Interview & YouTube Playlist

One of our favourite new rappers, Elro, answers a few questions about being from The Valleys, talks about mixtapes and reveals his fave food. Plus, check out some top tracks he’s recommended at the bottom of the page.

How did you get into rapping growing up in Wales?
My cousin …



Do You Remember Where You Were When… #3

In this third installment on The Music News, Luke Morgan Britton says why he hates the festivals we love, talks a bit about Grimes, and can’t seem to get over Morrissey. He also tells us some unfortunate news about a light bulb, Wales, and Keane. He also pays tribute to



T.E.E.D Hosts Dance Lesson For Diesel School of Island Life

After walking up and down Rivington Street several hundred times, looking for something called the ‘Red Gallery’; a young man asked us if we were “here for the dance lesson”. That seemed about right, although there were much fewer people there than I’d expected. I was wondering why there were …



Album Review: Wild Beasts – ‘Smother’

Wild Beasts could have easily failed epically with their third studio album. After the success of 2009’s Two Dancers, that had major music sites and bloggers alike growling about their genius, add in being short-listed for the 2010 Mercury Prize ( won by the xx), and the pressure was on …



Exclusive Video: White Noise Sound – Sunset

White Noise Sound’s debut album had our man Jay Sriyuksiri in rapture in Notion 049: “Serious contenders for a place in the UK psychedelia scene”, he wrote, going on to descibe the record as “bold” and “experimental”. The Welsh psych-rockers have certainly got something, and this, their first video release …