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New track: Clark – ‘Spur’

Clark has recently premiered his rework of Barker and Baumecker’s ‘Spur’. The track has surfaced ahead of the release of his forthcoming album, ‘Feast / Beast’, and features intense synths blended with Clark’s trademark kicks. ‘Spur’ is accompanied by a short animation by Brighton based surrealist animator, Cyriak – …



Jamie Lidell Mini-Documentary with Yours Truly

In this case, that “yours truly” does not refer to me, but to the renowned video artist. With experience in ads, music videos, and many other varied forms of filmmaking, Yours Truly was the perfect choice for a collaboration with electronic/soul/funk master Jamie Lidell. Together they’ve produced a …



News: Limited edition 12″ from Nicholas Jaar

American-Chilean DJ/producer/wunderkind Nicolas Jaar has achieved big things in his 23 years of existence. Jaar started to make organic electronic music at the age of 14, and by 17, he made his outstanding debut with critically acclaimed album, ‘The Student EP‘. Citing minimalist Modernist composer Erik Satie and …



BFI celebrates best of Warp Records

The power of the music video should never be under-estimated. Since its birth in the late ‘70s, the typically 3-minute wonder has done marvels for the music industry, threatening at times to outshine the radio star.

In its wonderful 24 years of existence, Warp Records has accompanied its record releases …


Jamie Lidell

Notion 062 Interview: Jamie Lidell

With an experimental approach and an imitable sound, Jamie Lidell has always been a leftfield musician. After fifteen years in the biz, and with a new album about to drop, is this the time he makes it big? Not likely, says our Online Ed Seb Law, but that’s exactly the



Preview: Jamie Lidell ‘You Naked’

Jamie Lidell premiered the video for his new single ‘You Naked’ this week to high praise. Performed in a giant cube, the video is a visual extravaganza of flashing lights and real time graphics (amazingly created by the movements of Lidell’s microphone). The fact there was no tinkering in post-production …



Introducing: Monokle

St. Petersburg’s Monokle is the curator of his very own electronic melting pot; combining elements of glitch, IDM, drone and techno into a lucid and constantly in flux sonic tapestry. The 26-year old already has four albums to his name and is lining up his fifth, Saints, for release …


flying lotus by Timothy Saccenti

Flying Lotus announces new album ‘UNTIL THE QUIET COMES’

Releasing October 1st on Warp Records is the new album from the awesome Flying Lotus. ’Until The Quiet Comes’ (WARP230 – CD, Vinyl & Download) is the follow-up to 2010′s Cosmogramma. Described by Flying Lotus as “a collage of mystical states, dreams, sleep and lullabies” and featuring guests …



VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Clark- Black Stone

A stunningly, peaceful and delicate solo piano composition and short film, the 5 minutes and 17 seconds are comprised of spookiness, nature, sadness and vulnerability. We’d say it’s mystifyingly sorrowful.  The entire duration of the video is gripping and in conclusion, you feel empathetic and bewildered.  It is truly lovely, …


CANT still

New Video: CANT – ‘Too Late Too Far’

Prepare for some ominously transcendent entertainment in the form of CANT’s official video for his new single ‘Too Late Too far’. In the wake of his recent sold-out debut UK show and the release of his debut album, ‘Dreams Come True’, Chris Taylor – of Grizzly Bear fame – enchants …