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Joe Brummell #51: Structure

We get pretty excited when we discover a new hair care brand here at Notion. Nothing quite beats the potential promise of new gels, waxes, pastes and putties. We live for the thrill of finding a product that can transform your tired old hairstyle into something more dapper. Britain is …



Joe Brummell #49 – Ted Baker Grooming Rooms

Ted’s Grooming Rooms have been quietly popping up all over London for a while now. From Mayfair and Fitzrovia all the way to Holborn and Cheapside, the Ted Baker shopper can now get a full grooming service to complement their Ted Baker clothes. The Grooming Rooms are a modern take …



Joe Brummell #34 – Taylor Taylor

I think it might be the same for everyone, but there was a time when I thought I was the only person who had trouble finding a good hairdresser. Even if you do find one you like, usually (no more than a few appointments in) you call the salon, only …