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Guest Playlist: When Saints Go Machine

Earlier today, we told you about how Danish electro quartet When Saints Go Machine had dug deep into the mines of 90s rave when searching for inspiration on their third full-length, Infinity Pool. Now, we’re delighted to bring you an exclusive guest playlist from the WSGM boys. From vintage



Album Review: When Saints Go Machine – Infinity Pool

A lot’s been said recently of how Danish electro four-piece When Saints Go Machine rely overly on technology. Assertions of how the quartet focus more on sculpting sounds for their own amusement as opposed to actual songs have been rife of late, look beyond the group’s love of manipulating synths …



London In Stereo Presents… Gigs Of The Week #21

Its raining and weve all seen Kate Middletons tits. Angela Lansburys on the front of The Gentlewoman and David Beckham has been getting with Katherine Jenkins. Interesting things have been going on lately but what excites us most is that The Neighbourhood


Field Day

Festival Guide: Field Day

Where: Victoria Park, London
When: 6 – 8 July
Cost: £45
Size: 5,000
Age: 6
In a word: #hipster
Web: www.fielddayfestivals.com / @fielddaylondon

Like a regrettable night at The Dolphin, Field Day is an East London rite of passage. The entire hipster contingent of LDN’s self-proclaimed ‘trendiest borough’ will descend …


When Saints Go Machine, Press shots 2011

Download: Planningtorock – Living It Out (When Saints Go Machine Mix)

Today’s undeniably a cause for celebration with all these freebies we’re chucking at you left, right and centre. So adding to your collection of MPFrees is When Saints Go Machine’s beautifully hypnotic remix of the Bolton-born, Berlin-based musician and visual artist Planningtorock.

Translating their wonderfully confusing future-disco dynamic to the …



Download: When Saints Go Machine – ‘Parix’ (Taragana Pyjarama Remix)

Penning the new single ‘Parix’ started out as a bad dream for When Saints Go Machine, but it actually ended up ‘like a weightless merry go round’, says the Danish group. At the time of crafting this almighty song, the four-piece probably didn’t predict how many producers would want to …


When Saints Go Machine, Press shots 2011

New Video! When Saints Go Machine – ‘Parix’

Danish four piece, When Saints Go Machine released their debut album, Konkylie, earlier this year to much delight. Now they have a new video for new single ‘Parix,’ out at the end of this month, for us to watch. Woo. Take your mind off dull Wednesday afternoon matters with …



Notion 052 – Now Live on Facebook and Website!

After issue 51’s menswear focus, here is our unofficial ode to the girls: four magnificent, independently-minded women – Marina Diamandis, Micachu, Charli XCX and Nicola Roberts – show the many faces of pop, while we investigate future androgyny and there’s our usual blend of fierce fashion, majestic music, cutting-edge culture …



Review: When Saints Go Machine – Konkylie

Few secrets stay untold; the excitement and sickly urge to tell, overrides the novelty of keeping schtum-slash-being a good person but if the revelation you hear is so good, so deliciously perfect – there’s no harm in spilling, right? Copenhagen has had her lips shut tightly for nearly half a …


New When Saints Go Machine Video!

Former BOTW When Saints Go Machine have gone all surreal in the latest video for ‘Add Ends’. Check it here!…