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Exclusive Mixtape: ROMANS

You may remember that a short time ago, we introduced you to a mysterious act by the name of ROMANS. We found ourselves equally enticed by their intriguing combination of meandering stoner rock ‘n’ roll throwdowns and a near-total anonymity that left us stumped for virtually any pertinent details.…



EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Little Mix – Wings (The Alias Club Remix)

I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting the latest outing from Simon Cowell’s Pop Factory that is the X Factor to be nearly as good as it is. But there you go; sometimes the man feels the need to do something good, and Little Mix’s debut single ‘Wings’ has summer …


little mix

Pop Musik #5

This week, Jack Murphy talks preggo pop stars, misbehaving miseducators, and assesses the second single from the greatest new girl group of this year.

So this week’s HUGE NEWS is that our very own national treasure, Adele, announced that she is pregnant!  The record-breaking, multi award-winning singer, 24, personally …