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News: YMC #SS14 Menswear

British label YMC (You Must Create) have unveiled their #SS14 menswear collection. The brand, known for its relaxed tailoring and modern-classic design, have playfully enhanced their essence, giving minimal silhouettes electrifying prints, which includes bold stripes, polka dots and giraffe prints. We’ve been a fan of YMC for ages, and …


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Preview: YMC AW13

New online this week is YMC’s stunning AW13 collection. Named ‘Dead Inside’, the pieces are a frank and candid response to the lackluster and unprovocative set-up of other designers in recent times.

Nostalgic yet forward-thinking, YMC’s AW13 is a celebratory collection that encapsulates the emergence of post-punk iconography into this …



The LCM Chats: Session 2


Photo: Kaye Ford

Planet Notion: What are you looking forward to most about LCM?
Matthew Miller: As a designer you’re most looking forward to getting it over with. You wear your heart on your sleeve twice a year and ask the press to criticize you. It’s an adrenaline …


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News: YMC vs MC GINN eyewear

Designed in London by avant-garde craftsman MC GINN (who recently created sunglasses for Michelle Pffeifer and Helena Bonham Carter for Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows), the latest eyewear collection from You Must Create (YMC) has been handmade using acetate from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. Styled in keeping with YMC’s …



Summer Days, British Heritage, and Some Rather Nice Shoes

As a motto, “You Must Create” is hard to argue with.  It’s been keeping the line fresh since 1995.  It helps that as far as YMC is concerned, trends aren’t terribly important.  All that really matters is making interesting, good-looking clothing.  The lines tend to draw on different eras of …