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Transmitting Live @ 5

Transmitter have been busy making moves as one of the best YouTube channels for British music in recent times. Now, they are excited to announce a weekly, live-streaming, appointment to view formats this week.

From 5pm on February 3rd, every Monday will see Live @ 5 brought to the fans …



Preview: Majestic Casual – Chapter 1

In the world of web 2.0, the power of music discovery no longer remains in the wrists of the DJ. Where these ‘tastemakers’ would be first (and only) purveyors to break new music, the ever-expanding online world has allowed for new culture pioneers to emerge. Enter Majestic Casual: a …


Art_Wednesday_launch_press_release copy

Art Wednesday launch an online marketplace

Arts and fashion website, Art Wednesday have launched an e-commerce marketplace to elevate, champion and nurture emerging talent from fashion, art and music. Since investment in new designers collections is decreasing within the wholesale format; artworks being confined to a small audience if they are able to be exhibited and …



Interview: Cyril Hahn

In just under two years, Cyril Hahn has remixed some of the world’s biggest names in music, gained a following of loyal fans and signed to one of the most forward- thinking record labels in the industry, PMR. He is now set to release his double a-side ‘Perfect Form



Cyril Hahn premieres new track ‘Raw Cut’

Cyril Hahn is fast becoming one of the most talked about DJ’s across the music scene. His forthcoming double a-side ‘Perfect Form / Raw Cut’ is set for release on 7th October, and we can not get enough of the latter.

The more shadowy partner of the double a-side,…



AllSaints present Sun City

There are many reasons why I am feeling patriotic at the moment, Kate and Will’s baby boy, Queenie loving the gays and the fact the original Sugababes (now MKS) are back – but all of these things are made a thousand times better when the weather is like what



Introducing: Rainy Milo

Artists of all kinds are usually obsessed with the concept of originality. They’re constantly trying to forge their own singular sound. You know? It comes as kind of refreshing, in a way, when someone admits to being derivative, even celebrates that fact. In a seemingly contradictory way, that admission …



New Remix: Pulp – ‘After You’ (Soulwax Remix)

In honor of Record Store Day 2013 (20 April), the artist Pulp is releasing a special reworking of  their hit single ‘After You’, remixed by Soulwax. The remix is going to be available exclusively on 12″ vinyl via Rough Trade. The record will also feature the 2012 Pulp original, …



New Video: Foxes – “Beauty Queen”

Foxes (a.k.a Louisa Rose Allen) exploded onto the music scene in 2011 with her hit release “Youth.” She followed that up in May 2012 with her successful EP “Warrior” and a UK tour in June. Her popularity continued to skyrocket, having since then garnered over …



RBMA H?SHTAG$ series – ‘Don’t Call It #TumblrWave’

The influence of technology on today’s music scene is not something to be ignored. Not only has the World Wide Web shaped how we listen to music, it has also changed how we discuss it, and more importantly, how we make it.

Red Bull Music Academy has proved that it …